2021 Golf Course Equipment

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Firstly, we would like to wish everyone a (belated) happy and healthy 2021 and thank all our customers for their support and business over the years. 2020 was a tough year for everybody and we are all hoping for a brighter 2021. TJ Golf will continue to carry on and stay open and offer all of our customers a great service even in these difficult times.

In first blog of 2021 blog we would like to share with you all some of the things TJ Golf have in store for you this coming year.

FMW Distinct Acquisition

Our most exciting news which some of you may already know is the acquisition of FMW Distinct which took place towards the end of 2020.

We have been busy bedding everything into place ready for the new season. Stock has all been housed, admin all sorted, manufacturing area laid out, new artwork studio built.

TJ Golf & Leisure and FMW Distinct Manufacturing combined will now be able to offer you a fuller range of Golf Course Accessories, Irrigation Products, Range Consumables, Workwear and other exciting products.

Our IT department has been busy with both the TJ and FMW websites.

The TJ Golf website has been a work in progress for a few years with our IT department working hard on it. The TJ Golf New Flagpin builder is the latest addition for this season. It allows you to pick and choose your hole cups, flag pins and flags etc from the TJ range. This makes your package deal fully customisable to meet your requirements. What’s better is that they are large discounts of up to 35% off the normal prices. Have a play around with it and see what interesting combinations you can come up with.

Flagpins, Flags & Holecup Package Builder
Flagpins Flags and Hole Cups
Click here or click on the image to view the package builder

FMW Website is also being worked on to make it more user friendly so our customers can enjoy the same experience as they do with TJ’s website.

New Products

Now that we have additional manufacturing capabilities in place and a new art studio we are now able to offer more products to our range. We can manufacture and print more in house and are therefore able to offer a quicker service at more affordable prices. Here are some of the selected products TJ Golf are now able to offer our customers which FMW Distinct Manufacturing already offers.

Signage – Bespoke Eco Recycled Tee Information Signs and Posts, along with Entrance, Course Information and Directional Signs. These are also available in wood effect which has become very popular, especially the oak effect. Along with these we can offer Standard Signs in a range of sizes, colours, fonts and styles. They are manufactured from durable alupanel which is a strong colourfast material.

Rubber Drag Mat – Ideal for levelling out and removing debris from most artificial and natural surfaces. A lightweight option and an alternative to the steel mat. Supplied with chain and handle, 1.5m x 1.0m.

New Drag Mat – Click Image to view in Web Shop

Ball Washer – Just B4 Tee Ball Washer & Club Cleaner a revolutionary 2 in 1 design combining a ball washer with golf club cleaner. Manufactured from quality high impact polymer. A simple movement gives an excellent ball wash and few internal working parts. Logo’ing/personalisation available on this product. Available as separates or complete as a package.

Click on image to Get 3 for special price deal
Personalised Tee Markers

Tee Markers & Yardage Markers – Recycled tee markers are also made in house and are constructed from recycled plastic. These are water and weatherproof, no painting or preservatives required, splinter free and come complete with ground spikes. Available in black recycled plastic with coloured Alupanel plates which can also be logo’d. Our most popular is the Log Tee Marker but we can also offer the Oval, Block and Angle Tee Marker. Our Recycled Distance Posts are excellent quality with radiused tops and alupanel plaques with distance of your choice. 1.3m in length plus alloy ground spike.


Now, with our Art Studio completed we will be able to do a lot of our own printing. This means that signage, tee markers and other personalised products will be printed in house. We will also be printing flags in house. Our printed flags are produced by three methods.

The first is heat transfer vinyl which is used for simple single colour designs or text of which the result is a clear sharp print.

For full colour designs we use a digital format printer to ensure clear colourful logos or designs. This method is ideal for more complicated detail designs or sponsorship options where more than one logo is required.

Sublimation print is where heat brings the ink and fabric together and the print essentially becomes part of the fabric. An effective method for windy courses or detailed logos.

These are just a few of the products TJ Golf and FMW will be offering our customers for 2021. We are hoping soon the golfers can get back to the sport that they enjoy and so many people benefit from while supporting their Golf Clubs. TJ Golf & Leisure & FMW Distinct Manufacturing.

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