Autumn 2023 Golf Course Equipment

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The Autumn Equinox takes place 23rd September marking the start of the new season and the end of summer. Some of us love the Autumn which brings crisp mornings and the changing colours of our landscape. Some of us hate it as it’s a reminder Summer has disappeared again for another year (not that we have had much of a Summer this year.) Love it or hate it, it’s here again and with it brings a new season which means new challenges along the way. To help out with some of those weather related challenges we at TJ Golf have some suggestions:


We can always rely on rain anytime of year, here are some of TJ Golf’s best sellers to keep unwanted rain water at bay.

TJ Roller or Straight Edge Squeegee’s – Both styles are available with a 24” or 36” head. They have a heavy duty aluminium frame with a unique wrap around system. With a 60” blue powder coated aluminium handle for extra downforce these items are excellent for pushing water through grass and smooth hard surfaces. Widely used on Golf Courses and Professional Sports Fields alike.

Underhill Gulp Syringe Ultra or Ultramax Plus – The Gulp Syringe Ultra is better for smaller jobs like extracting water from holecups etc. The Ultramax Plus water removal suction pump gives you high capacity. Whether you need to remove water from sprinklers and valve boxes or other water soaked areas and comes with a 45cm outlet hose. 


Another element which comes with Autumn is the wind and we all know windy conditions bring fallen leaves and debris. Here a some of TJ Golf’s products to help clear up the aftermath.

26YP Rake – A high quality polypropylene lightweight dual purpose rake. It can be used forcollecting leaves and other debris as well as for lawn grooming. Use as a rake and then turn it over to lift the garden waste. The teeth are designed to minimise damage to the grass whilst raking. They also allow for the rake to be turned over and act as a fork to remove grass and leaves.

TJ Prograde Spring Brace Rake – 24”(60cm) wide head with 54”(135cm) Aluminium Powder Coated Handle for extra reach.

32p Rake – The 32P Rake has a 65cm wide head with 2cm gaps between the teeth. This is a self cleaning leaf and grass rake. It features curved teeth and back supports that allow debris to build up whilst raking. When full lift the rake to allow the debris will fall away. This rake works superbly to collect and remove wet leaves or grass.


It’s not just water that needs to be kept at bay, the morning dew also needs to be removed from greens. For this we recommend.

The Big T Telescopic Switch – Manufactured from anodized aluminium with CNC machined stainless steel to avoid unnecessary wear to the switch tip.

TJ Dewmaster 11 – Supplied in two 1.5m sections minimizes storage and cuts the problem of damage during transportation. Comes with a 2m aluminium handle and heavy duty extra large bracket which holds the unit together.


Blue Dew Broom – A new shorter, stiffer dew broom at just 2m wide, supplied complete with aluminium handle.


Most important of all the greenkeepers, groundsmen and outside workers need to keep warm and dry as the weather turns. TJ Golf has a good selection of workwear brands to make sure this happens. Waterproofs, fleeces, hoodies, trousers, thermals, jackets and boots to name but a few. Brands from Blaklader, Portwest, Regatta, Dewalt, Helly Hansen, Henbury and many more.


Last but not least this time of the year we are producing some new product lines to go into the new TJ Golf Brochure 2024. Here is a little preview of some of the new items which will be available from this Autumn.

TJ Recycled Plastic Bin – These new bins are made from high quality recycled plastic with textured panels. They are available in all black or black with grey panels.

TJ Recycled Plastic Divot Box – These Divot Boxes bins are made from high quality recycled plastic with textured panels. They are available in all black or black with grey panels so can match in with the bins.

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