Autumn 2020

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The season is changing from that decent summer sunshine we have been having to an Autumnal nip in the air. Autumn is definitely here, the leaves are turning a lovely golden colour and the dew is spreading itself in the mornings. As the nights draw in and the weather turns the Golf Ranges are a great place to practice our swings and shots. Along with the Range the Golf Courses in Autumn are very appealing on a brisk, clear autumn day especially with a bit of late Summer sunshine thrown in.

The Original Imax Airlastic Mat featured at N1 Golf as well as many other Golf Ranges in the UK.

The Range

TJ Golf specialises in top quality golf course accessories and golf range consumables.

Original Imax Airlastic Mat – The 20mm rubber granulate airlastic backing has a combination of air and elasticity for improved energy and shock absorption for comfortable play. The turf is heat bonded to the base-therefore preventing separation. Bottom layer designed to decrease slide and increase stability and top layer manufactured with nylon 6.6 pile for long life.

Smartline Mat – Our most affordable which is flexible and comfortable with a nylon pile heat bonded for extra strong adhesion. 15mm NBR foam base for great shock absorption and extremely durable.

Smartline Mat
Imax Driving Range Mat Frame
Imax Airlastic Mat
Tee Turf Mat

Tee Turf Mat – 40mm pile non infill giving a firm stance. Can be used with regular tees. All year round perfect tee solution or winter tee. Comes with a foam and rubber base. Also available on a roll.

Quattro Excell Mat– Increased height of 15mm interwoven nylon fibres with ultimate shock absorption. 15mm knitted nylon and 2mm non woven cloth base for stability and anti-slip.

Driving Range Golf Ball Baskets

Plastic Square Ball Baskets – Made of strong plastic, offering great stability. Flat edges, no more rolling around the driving range. Hangs properly on the ball dispenser. Available in black or green 75 or 120 ball capacity. Can be logo’d.

Plastic Round Ball Baskets – Made from heavy gauge plastic, are lightweight yet durable and stackable. Available in green, 50, 75, 100 and 150 ball capacity.

Range Banners
Horizontal Banner
Vertical Banners

Pattisson Horizontal Nylon Range Banners – Made from thick nylon, yellow with black yardage, 50-300yds available.

TJ Galvanised Steel Banner Frame – To fit the horizontal banners, galvanised steel c/w sockets.

Vertical Range Flags – Make your range stand out with our vertical range flags. Horizontal steel rod inside top edge keeps flags visible at all times. To be fitted to any ½” regulation flagpin. Available yellow with black yardage 50 – 250yards or plain red, yellow, white, blue and orange.

Pattisson Steel Bay Divider – Made from zinc plated powder coated steel. Green Size 152cm x 76cm x 4cm

Pattisson Steel Range Bay Divider
Steel Range Bay Dividers

Promotional Bay Divider – Made from zinc plated powder coated steel. Green Size 152cm x 76cm x 4cm. Comes with Plain green canvas banner or can have your club logo printed single or double sided.

Pattisson Steel Bag Stand – Ideal addition to any tee-line. Sturdy coated steel stand, tube diameter 32mm. Size 40cm x 40cm x 80cm. Green

Pattisson Teak Bag Stand – Made from quality teak wood harvested along the international regulations regarding conserving the forest by replacing trees.

Golf Bag Stand
Steel Bag Stand
Wooden Bag Stand
Teak Bag Stand
Ball Pusher
Clikka Tubes
Golf Ball Picker
Ball Picker

Epic Manual Ball Picker – For putting and chipping areas and hard to reach places. Mini push picker, extremely light to operate. 50cm wide. Capacity 300 balls.

Clikka Tubes – Plastic or Steel easy solution for easy picking. Holds 21 balls.

Standard Golf Ball Pusher – Make short work out of your practice area clean up. Proven design features durable PVC frame and exclusive rollers which glide across all turf surfaces. 113cm wide head makes short work of collecting range ball.

Pyramid Ball Stacker

Pyramid Ball Stacker and Tray – Green Metal Ball Stacker 55 ball capacity. Plastic tray 55 ball capacity.

These are some of the most popular range consumables we offer, how about some products for home and personal golf. Great for The Professional to use as a teaching aid or the golfer to practice at home.

Home and Personal Golf

Explanar Golf Swing Trainer – The golf swing trainer is one of the most complex bio-mechanical movement performed in any sport and most people are only ever taught verbally. Now you can learn by feeling not thinking using the Explanar – a mechanical aid like training wheels on a bicycle., providing support and feedback that you can feel. Golf coaches find it easier to teach this complex movement with the Explanar, improving the way students learn and play and it is used by many of the worlds top golf professionals and coaches.

Explanar Golf Swing Trainer

Explanar Putting Mats – The Explanar Home Putting Mat is a golf teaching aid that gives golfers the opportunity to develop and practice their putting at home. The cut-out hole rewards the perfect putt whilst the 2mm rubber base helps to ensure a perfectly flat lie It has been specifically designed to create a true surface feel for a realistic putting experience. The speed of the surface is equivalent to Stimp 10 and by practicing on this mat you will be able to improve various aspects of your putting such as aim, distance control and roll.

This mat comes in 3m or 4m versions to suit the space you have available.

Range and Personal Golf are just two areas which TJ Golf specialise in, along with these areas we supply Golf Course Accessories, Irrigation products, Landscaping products and work wear.

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