Golf Course Reopening 2021

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There are now just over two weeks to go until the much anticipated reopening of English Golf Courses on the 29th March. With this in mind TJ Golf & FMW have put together details of some essential products for reopening and the start of the golfing season.

Contactless Ball Lifter

No Contact Ball Retrieval/Contactless Lifters – The Flag Pin Contactless Ball Lifter enables the golfer to collect his ball without having any contact with the Flag Pin.

Simple and easy to use, the lifter slides over the top of the pin and the first ledge sits in the cup and catches the ball. The golfer lifts the second ledge with his club and out pops the ball. Only suitable for ½” regulation flagpins.

An alternative to this lifter that would be suitable for Javelin or thicker flagpins would be our minimal contact flagpin attachments which sit at the bottom of the flagpin and prevent the ball from falling all the into the cup. This in turn helps to minimise the golfer’s contact with the cup and flagpin when retrieving his or her ball.

And lastly, we have the PickCup, a stylish and innovative products which also helps to minimise the amount of contact that golfers make when retrieving a ball from the hole cup.

Minimal Contact Attachment
PickCup Ball Retrieval

Stay Safe Signs & Flags – Many golf clubs may require updated signage to remind golfers and visitors of any new rules or playing restrictions. Both TJ Golf and FMW have their own ranges of signs which can be fully customised in terms of text, borders and sizes to meet your needs with each coming with various fixture options such as ground stakes or drilled holes.

FMW Bespoke 12″ x 12″ Sign
TJ Golf Standard Sign

Similarly, we offer a range of flags which can also be personalised via digital printing, embroidery or vinyl print. Our flags are available in tie, velcro, tubelock or swallow tail.

Pins, Cups and Flags Package Builder – New for 2021 is the Flagpin Package builder, this enables you save up to 35% off your flagppins, holecups and flags when you buy a complete set of 18 of each item. Unlike our standard offers this gives you complete control of each item allowing you to fully customise the package to suit your needs. You can specify whether it be plastic, aluminium, UK or US holecups, the striping and colour options on your flagpins and even add reflectors on to them. Then, it’s the flags, you can have plain, chequered, printed, embroidered, the choices are endless. Have a play around with it on our website to to find the perfect selection for your course at a great price:

Workwear – Clothing is an important part of keeping the Greenkeepers warm and protected from the elemants and we are pleased to announce we are a distributor for the Swedish Brand, Blaklader Workwear. Blaklader garments are sustainable and designed to protect you for work in the toughest environments. You will find garments that meet professionals’ need for durability and function. Whether it be Greenkeepers workwear, Craftsmen, gardeners or farmers, painters and decorators, Industry and workshops or Transport there is something for all professions. There is something for all conditions too, come wind, rain, snow, heat and high vis. Blaklader, Rebel with a vision and responsibilities.

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