Greenkeeping Tools for Autumn

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Autumn Golf Greenkeeping Tools

Autumn is upon us, September 23rd was the day of the Autumnal Equinox, one of two days when the sun is located just above the Earth’s equator and day and night are roughly equal. The moment when the planet’s northern hemisphere swaps with the southern hemisphere to become the furthest from the sun. You can feel that autumnal nip in the air, especially in the mornings and evenings. The leaves are turning colour, steering us from the summer green to the golden yellow, red and orange leaves falling from the trees.

The fall of the leaves in autumn often with windy conditions means a lot of clearing of leaves and debris. To help with these chores we have selected some of our best-selling Leaf and Debris Rakes:

TJ Golf Litter Bin Parks and Golf Clubs
Chelwood 26YP

Chelwood 26YP Rake

Chelwood 32P Rake

Chelwood 32P Rake

Pro Grade Spring Brace Rake

TJ Golf Pro Grade Spring Brace Rake

21″ Debris Rake

TJ Golf 21″ Debris Rake

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Chelwood 26YP
Chelwood 32P Rake
Pro Grade Spring Brace Rake
21" Debris Rake
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The Chelwood 26YP Leaf Rake has been around for years, made from high quality polypropylene lightweight dual-purpose rake for leaf collecting and lawn grooming. Use as a rake, then turn it over to lift the waste.

The Chelwood 32P Rake is a self-cleaning leaf and grass rake with back supports to allow debris to build up. When full, lift the rake and the debris will simply fall away.

The Pro Grade Spring Brace Rake is a heavy duty spring brace rake. Head to handle connection has a bolted design and comes with a 24-inch head with 24 heavy duty steel continuous tines. Excellent rake for raking leaves and general lawn clean up.

TJ Golf’s 21” Debris Rake is one of our best sellers, the 21” wide gusseted head adds extra strength for demanding work. Mounts to a 60” padded fibreglass handle for maximum strength, reach and comfort. Apart from clearing debris this versatile rake is very popular with Greenkeepers for “Aussie” Style Bunker Raking.

Now we are into October the clocks will be going back on October 27th. The main purpose of turning the clock back (or forward) is to make better use of daylight. In Britain, changing the clock began in 1916 when the Government passed the Summertime Act in 1916, during the First World War. Although it will be darker in the evenings, the brighter mornings will be good for all you early starters out there.

Autumnal weather can often bring torrential rain which isn’t good news for outdoor activities, especially when grounds are waterlogged which can mean having to close which means loss of business.  We have selected some of our best-selling products to help mop up some of that unwanted water:

TJ Golf’s Roller Squeegee are available with either a 24” or 36” head. Both made with a heavy-duty aluminium frame and unique wrap around bracing system. The 60” ergonomic blue powder coated aluminium handle supplies extra downforce. Excellent for pushing water through grass and smooth hard surfaces. Widely used on Golf Courses and professional sports fields alike.

Straight Edge Squeegees are also available with 24” and 36” heads. These feature the same handle and frame design as the Roller Squeegees but with a straight edge which some people prefer to use especially if worm castings or cores also need clearing.

Gulp Ultramax Plus

The Gulp UltraMax Plus (pictured) is a super high capacity water removal suction pump which is great for removing water from water logged holecups, sprinklers, valve boxes or other areas or devices where water can accumulate. UltraMax series pumps are the ideal tool for these type of tasks and guarantee high quality materials with great attention to detail.

Another product in this range is the Gulp Syringe Ultra which performs the same job but is a smaller version without the top outlet pipe.

If you want to keep a record of rainfall then why not check out our Deluxe Rain Gage – Heavy duty rain gauge moulded in polycarbonate which is renowned for its outstanding impact toughness. It is 230 times the strength of glass, which makes it suitable for a variety of temperatures ranging from -150 degrees c. to 135 degrees c. Incorporated as part of the manufacturing process is an ultraviolet additive to stabilise the colour for many years, even in extreme weather. Easy to read, capacity 165mm, comes complete with fixing bracket and rainfall chart.

It’s not just water that needs to be kept at bay, the morning dew also needs to be removed from greens. For this we would recommend the TJ Golf Gold Dewmaster II c/w Telescopic Switch. This versatile tool features a 3m wide brush which can quickly remove dew from your greens. Secondly, the handle which includes a telescopic fibreglass switch rod can be removed and will then function as a stand alone switch at a total length of 4m. The handle is made of gold anodised aluminium and the brush separates into two sections making it easier to store and transport. The Gold Telescopic Switch can also be bought separately.

Dewmaster Switch
Dewmaster Brush and Telescopic Switch

Another popular switch option is the Big “T” Telescopic Switch manufactured from anodised aluminium with new CNC machined stainless steel. It has a 2m aluminium handle with a new longer 2.3m replaceable fibreglass switch cane. The overall length when fully extended is 4.3m.

Water, water, water, what about those ponds and lakes, do your weeds need eradicating?

The Aquatic Weed Eradicator is the most effective bottom-cutting weed removal tool available on the market. No need for chemicals, this tool removes weeds at source. A bottom-cutting, environmentally safe tool that can cut without killing… it’s like an underwater lawnmower. It features reinforced 28” double edged braced and serrated steel cutting blade encased in an aluminium frame with 11’ two-piece rust proof powder coated aluminium handle.

The Dual Purpose Lake Rake 36” wide aluminium rake comes with an 11’ two-piece rust proof powder coated aluminium handle. It features a push pin splice for easy assembly and disassembly, detachable polyethylene float and a 50’ length of rope. Use it to skim floating aquatic vegetation and algae from the water. Or by shortening the handle and removing the float, you have a professional landscaping rake.

These are just a few of TJ Golf Products. You can view these products along with the rest of our range on our webshop where we offer great prices on golf course and range equipment.

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