Litter Bins

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Litter Bins

Bins are a fundamental part of your Golf Course Furniture around your Golf Course. Whether it be on the tee, the Course or around the complex or clubhouse, bins are a must to keep that litter where it belongs!

TJ Golf have a selection of bins to keep your areas clean and tidy, but if your litter bin looks tired and old it’s defeating the object. So here is a selection of our bins to keep your areas smart and fresh looking.

Technowood Spey Bin

Technowood Combo Recycling Bin

Standard Golf Vertical Mount Bracket for Litter Caddie

Bournville Litter Bin Mottled Green

Square Slatted Bin

30 Gallon Litter Caddie

20 Gallon Litter Caddie

Pattisson Teak Series Square Litter Bin

Litter Mate

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Litter CaddieThe Standard Golf Litter Caddie is our most economical bin. It has a steel mesh body, welded carbon rims and bottom and a powder-coated finish. The tapered shape keeps litter secure and mesh design increases air circulation. It comes with a spike or flat base and holds 9 gallons. The spike means that the bin can be mounted on a wall bracket or secured directly into the ground where as the base allows it to be freestanding.

The Litter Caddie also comes in a 20 gallon or 30 gallon option.

Litter MateThe Standard Golf Litter Mate is our bestselling bin. It has a solid, durable polyethylene construction and comes complete with lid with litter opening, hoop frame and post mount bracket assembly. These are most suited fixed to a post so are great with a post and ball washer to make up a traditional tee console system. Other parts are available to mount on a wall or to have free standing.

The Litter mate Bin pairs well with our Standard Golf Seed and Soil Divot Box as their design is very similar.

Bournville Litter BinAnother plastic bin is the TJ Bournville Litter Bin. It is made from extremely durable, all weather resistant plastic with a green mottled effect and convenient swing lid. This pairs well with our Bournville Divot Box which is from the same family group of products.

Square Wooden Slatted BinIf you are looking for a more traditional or classic look the Square Wooden Slatted Bin will do the job. The frame and liner are zinc plated prior to a heavy polyester green powder coating being applied. Wooden slats are weather sealed for protection against the elements. Conveniently the feet have drilled out holes so it can be bolted down.

Teak Square Litter BinFor something very classy and environmentally friendly Pattisson Teak Series Square Litter Bin has it all. Made of top-quality teak wood they are harvested along the international regulations regarding conserving the forest by replacing trees. Hand made to get that original, traditional look, maintenance free and long lasting. Hinged lid permits easy removal of the 35-litre trash can included. Oil for extra protection. This bin can also be attached to a post to make up a console by purchasing the Pattisson Teak Ballwasher Attachments.

Technowood BinsNew from TJ Golf top of the range Technowood Bins, premium quality recycled plastic with revolutionary gloss surface coating. Combining craftmanship with technological innovation. There are a variety of different bin sizes in this range along with the Technowood Spey Bin and The Technowood Combo Recycling Bin. We are hoping to bring on other products within the range soon….

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