New Products for 2020

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Stormy start for golf courses in 2020
2020 New Golf Course Equipment Products

A new season & new year means new exciting products. In this blog TJ Golf will be giving you a preview of some of the new golf course equipment products that we have lined up for 2020.

If you wish to see our full range and see what else is new then check out our brochure or online shop.

Golf Flags

Firstly we will be kicking off the new year with our new Swallow Tail Golf Flags which are also available as Practice Green Flags. These flags are ideal for Links courses because their unique Swallow Tail design allows the flag to fly better in windy conditions. The reduced leading edge and bartacked corners make them one of the most durable flags in the industry. They also boast superior grade tight weave polyester with a reinforced tubelock top which gives them extra durability. Having your club logo digitally printed on these flags looks really smart especially when combined with our Vinyl Guard Flagpins. Your course doesn’t need to be windy for these flags. It may be that you may just want something a little bit different and to stand out which these flags will definitely help with. Match them with our Practice Green Swallow Tail flags. These are exactly the same design but smaller to fit your putting green markers or why not try them with our new Junior Tournament PGM’s.

Example of Full size and practice green swallow tail golf flags
Full Size Swallow Tail Golf Flag & Practice Green Version
printed swallow tail golf flags
Printed Full Size Swallow Tail Golf Flags
Practice Green
Junior Tournament PGM’s

Talking of which, our new Junior Tournament PGM’s ¾” tapering to ½” at the top and bottom are made under license in the USA and feature through resin impregnated pultruded fibreglass. Precision ground and then highly polished by hand to give an immaculate finish. Our striped PGM’s are then vinyl guarded to give that classic look along with superb durability. They come with a black powder coated moulded in aluminium base and a large flanged black top enabling easy removal of the practice green marker. These can be paired up with our Swallow Tail Practice Green Flag or any large tube (1/2”) putting flags.

Still on flag pins and golf flags, another exciting product combo from TJ Golf for 2020 is our new Chipping Pins and Chipping Flags. Again made from the same superior materials and superb craftmanship as our new Junior Tournament PGM and TJ Golf’s Vinyl Guard Striped Regulation and Tournament Flagpins. The new chipping pins come in the choice of 3’ or 4’ lengths with a metal US ferrule and acorn nut. To compliment our new Chipping Pins we are offering a special size flag as sometimes a full size course flag can look too big and a Practice green flag can often look too small. Our chipping flags are 12”(30cm) x 10”(25cm) and the same quality as our other double sided digitally printed flags.

Chipping Pin & Flags

Moving onto Ballwashers, TJ Golf has launched it’s new Elite Ballwasher. The Elite Ball Washer is made from cast aluminium with a powder coated finish. It has a spiral cleaning action which one of the most popular style of ballwasher on the market. It has a small recess at the front which will fit your company logo with either a sticker or a resin bubble or if you prefer, it can be kept plain. These can be mounted on a post or stand and offer high quality at an affordable price. Standard Golf have also released a new ballwasher for 2020. This is an updated version of the Premier Ballwasher & these will also be available through TJ Golf in 2020.

TJ Golf Elite Ballwasher
Standard Golf Premier Ballwasher
Technowood Golf Course Furniture

Technowood was a product range we brought on last year. Due to the success of this superior product we have decided to increase the range. Our original offering featured the Spey Bin (single and double units), the Combo Recycling Bin with 4 compartments and the Technowood Clubwasher. We have exapnded this to now include Broken Tee Caddies, Bay Dividers, Directional Signs and Finger Posts. Technowood is a recycled premium quality plastic with revolutionary gloss surface coating. Combining craftmanship quality with technological innovation. This product really does look and feels like real wood.

Golf Directional Signs
Directional Signs
Golf Range Bay Dividers
Bay Dividers
Golf Broken Tee Caddies
Broken Tee Caddies
Finger Posts Signage
Finger Post Signs
Golf Club Washer
Club Washer

Spey Litter Bin
Spey Litter Bin
Double Spey Litter Bin
Double Spey Litter Bin
Combo Recycling Bin
Combo Recycling Bin

These are just some of the new products TJ Golf will be offering for 2020. We would like to thank all our loyal customers and distributors for their business. We hope you’ve found something of interest within these new products.

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