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Litter Bin Divot Box

Please note some of the pricing/deals within this post will have changed since it was published

JUST a quick post to update everyone on some new products now available for you to purchase at TJ Golf. We also have some special offers to announce in conjunction with the launch of these new products.

Bournville Range

Firstly, we would like to introduce a new addition to our Bournville range which is our new litter bin. Like our existing Bournville Divot Box, the bin has been constructed from long lasting, durable plastic. This means that these items are extremely hard wearing and able to withstand various extremes of weather. The text has been moulded in which eliminates the likelihood of stickers or paint being rubbed or peeled off. As the bins have swing lids you can ensure that rubbish is always covered and their versatile design makes these bins a great addition to most public amenities as well as on the golf course. Standard black bin bags can be used to line these bins for easy removal of waste.

List prices for the Litter Bin and Divot Box are £105.00 and £92.50 respectively. Our current promotion is a Buy 3 get the 4th for free deal on either of these items. You can order this deal directly through our webshop via the below links. If you are an existing customer or would be interested in opening an account with us then please contact us in the normal way.

Bournville Litter Bin – Single

Bournville Divot Box – Single

New Roller Squeegee

The next item is our brand new Roller Squeegee, available with either a 24″ or 36″ wide roller. Our new model has a Heavy Duty Aluminium Frame and unique wrap around bracing system. With a 60″ Ergonomic Blue Powder Coated Aluminium Handle for extra downforce these items are excellent for pushing water through grass and smooth hard surfaces. Widely used on Golf Courses and professional sports fields alike. This new Roller Squeegee has the same qualities as the Standard Golf Magnum but with superior bracing. These are currently offered at the more affordable prices of £139.50 for the 24″ version and £159.50 for the 36″ version. The same buy 3 get the 4th for free promotion is also available on this item.

Roller Squeegee – Single

TJ Golf Roller Squeegee

Mow Over Broken Tee Collector

Mow Over Broken Tee Collector

Last up are our new mow over broken tee collectors which double up as tee markers and are manufactured from impact-resistant, black plastic. They are the same diameter as a standard holecup meaning customers can use any holecutter to cut the hole before lowering the unit into the ground. Being mow over there is no need to remove these when the grass is being cut and the bar on the inner unit allows for easy emptying. There are drain holes which allow water to drain from the inner cup. The standard version has a sticker with ”Broken Tee” text next to a broken tee symbol. They are available in yellow, blue, red or black but can also be personalised with yardage or your logo. Please contact the office for more information or you can view the standard version in our webshop by clicking on the below link:

Mow Over Broken Tee Collectors

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