Online Price! Backpack 50 L
Backpack 50 L
· An incredibly useful backpack that comes in three different versions and capacities - 30, 50 and 70 litres - that suits all conceivable situations, whether it's a trip or for work.
· The backpack is self-contained and is therefore very lightweight, yet easy to fold and stow away when not in use.
· Because it´s made of tarpaulin, the backpack is dirt and water resistant.
· In addition, 2091/2092/2093 is very easy to wear thanks to the sturdy shoulder straps, and if you want to hold it rather, it is possible through the available handles.
· The backpack has roll closure, which makes it possible to really pack in much as you can, and a little bit more.
· Another feature is that the inside of the backpack is visible because the lining is highvis, which makes it easier to find what you are looking for
100% PVC- coated polyester, waterproof, 680 g/m²
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