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Technowood Club Washer
The Technowood Club Washer has an extremely sleek and stylish design. These are suitable for both golf ranges and courses. The brushes are approximately 1 foot deep and are densely packed which helps to ensure that the golf clubs receive a thorough clean. The unit itself measures Length 35cm x Width 35cm x Height 60cm and is available in Green,Brown or White. Technowood is a high quality recycled plastic with a revolutionary gloss surface coating which gives a stunning wood like finish. This range combines craftsmanship with technological innovation in order to create a stunning selection of golf course equipment.
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Online Price! Mounting Bracket
Par Aide Mounting bracket for post or flat surface
Par Aide Mounting bracket for post or flat surfaces. Use this to mount the Par Aide Clubwasher or even a ballwasher to any post or flat surface. Made of black anodized cast aluminum and comes complete with the necessary nuts and bolts. A mounting spike is also available for the Par Aide Club Washer.
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Online Price! Par Aide Mounting Spike for Club Washer
Par Aide Single Spike Mounting Spike (For Club Washer)
Par Aide Single Spike Mounting Kit - mounts on to the Par Aide Clubwasher allowing it to be moved as easily as a tee marker. The spike embeds into the grass which makes light work of repositioning your golf club washer. Also available is the Par Aide Mounting Bracket. This is ideal for mounting your Club / Ball Washers on to a post or flat surface.
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Online Price! Golf Club Washer
Range Mate Club Washer Green
The Range Mate Club Washer from Standard Golf is efficient, effective and gentle on golf clubs. It has no-splash brushes which will clean both woods and irons. This is a large capacity (9 gallon/ 34 litre) washer and is constructed from fade resistant polyethylene. It also features a reinforced steel frame stand and has replaceable brushes. If you are looking for a club washer liquid then we would recommend Sparkleen Liquid Detergent.
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Online Price! Ball Washer Detergent
Sparkleen Detergent Tablets (Jar of 500)
Sparkleen Tablets are an ideal cleaning detergent for both golf club and golf ball washers. They are environmentally friendly and have an enhanced concentrated formula. Therefore, you only need one quick dissolving tablet per ball washer. These EcoMax™ Tablets’ have a built-in algaecide which eliminates odours while preventing the growth of bacteria or fungus. We also stock a liquid version of this Sparkleen detergent.
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