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Accu-Gage 18″ Bar Digital Version Measure Metric and Imperial
The Digital Accu-Gage is easy to read and measures up to 1" in both English (.001 inch) or Metric (.01 mm). The ACCU-GAGE is a precision measuring instrument for making highly accurate height-of-cut adjustments on greens, tees, or fairway mowers. By incorporating a dial indicator with a unique adjusting bar apparatus, highly accurate measurements can be made at the cutting edge of the bedknife (to .001 inch), virtually eliminating operator error in both setting the adjustment bar and the mower. FEATURES OF THE ACCU-GAGE
  • Adjustments can be made with the height of cut gauge on the mower. Simply read the gauge while turning
  • Measurements are made at the front edge of the bedknife regardless of bedknife wear.
  • Front and rear roller defects can be measured as well as bedknife defects.
  • Fits all makes of Greensmowers, both riders & walkers.
  • Works on both grooved and solid rollers.
  • Instructions and Conversion chart included.
  This is the digital version and we also offer the Dial Version of this Accu-Gage. Other Accessories include the Gage-Guard and Case.
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