Online Price! Rubber Drag Mat 1.5m x 1m
Rubber Drag Mat 1.5m x 1m
Our new rubber drag mat is made from moulded rubber and features aluminium fittings with a heavy duty galvanised chain. This tool is ideal for spreading and levelling top dressing and sand surfaces. This mat can be pulled by hand towing bar or can be attached the a utility vehicle for larger areas. It is ideal for use on most surfaces - natural or artificial. Thanks to the rubber matting it can also be used on more delicate areas such as putting greens where heavier materials may cause damage. This item measures 1.5m x 1m and has a rubber grip for user comfort.
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Online Price! Drag Mat, Dragmat
Pattisson 6ft x 4ft Dragmat
An all steel reversible Dragmat for leveling top dressing or sand. A great tool that can assist in overseeding and helps to work seed or dressing into the soil. It is 6ft x 4ft (180cm x 120cm) and as you can roll this mat up it is also easy to store.
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