Online Price! Bulldog Edging Knife
Premier Solid Forged 8″ Edging Knife
The Bulldog Premier Solid Forged Edging Knife has a 32" Ash shaft and a Barrel T Shaped Handle. The knife itself is 8" wide and treaded to stop slippage in wet and muddy conditions. It is believed to be one of the only solid forged versions of a half moon edging tool making it one of the strongest in the market. It has been designed to cut cleanly and easily for a perfect edge. This tool is perfect for finishing off the edges of any grassed area where it meets borders, roads or pathways. Bulldog Product Features.
  • Ash handle with "T" grip
  • Unique forged blade
  • Stronger than conventional edgers
  • Handle length 32" (811mm)
  • Forged In Britain
  • Head width 8" (204mm)
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