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Hio Holecutter
The HiO Hole Cutter has earned it's place as one of the most well known golf hole cutters on the market. It has a good reputation amongst greenkeepers thanks to it's precision and ease of use. It cuts using a hammer action which pounds the hole cutter into the ground creating a clean and precise hole.
Enjoy the following advantages:
  • Perfectly round holes with clean edges.
  • Easy on arms and shoulders — no twisting required.
  • Easy for any crew member to operate.
  • Powerful action works great on clay-based “push up” greens.
  • Achieve uniform hole depth.
  • Saves time.
This is the industry standard impact holecutter and comes complete with either a clay or sand blade (also referred to as outside or inside sharpened). Replacement blades and the Hio Replacement Rubber Ring are available in the drop down options on this page. Other parts for the Hio Hole Cutter are the Hio Bubble Level which aids the user in cutting a perfectly straight hole and a Depth Gauge to ensure holes are cut to the perfect depth.
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