Online Price! Directional Marking Posts
Par Aide Green/Blue & White Directional Markers Spiked
Par Aide Directional Markers are a great way to mark out pathways and are extremely helpful for guiding golfers in the right direction around the golf course. Excluding the spike they measure 8" (20cm) high. The bottom 4" section is white and the top 4" section has a vinyl cap in either Green or Blue. Thanks to the sturdy stainless steel spike they are extremely easy to place and remove. These multipurpose markers are suitable for various tasks such as directing cart / foot traffic and protecting wet areas or new sod. The recycled plastic is extremely robust and as a result means that the posts do not require any maintenance. They are sold in quantities of 25 and come with a carrying/storage bucket. This keeps the posts clean and makes them easy to transport.
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