Online Price! Adjustable Hex Plugger
9″ Adjustable Depth Hex-Plugger
This adjustable Miltona Hex Plugger cuts plugs ranging from a depth of “2"” (5cm) to 5"” (13cm). It comes complete with the Hex cutting head and PowerStroke Handle. The PowerStroke handle is also adjustable which changes the ejection force thus making it easier to eject deeply cut plugs.
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Online Price! Miltona Turfjector
The Miltona Turfjector is your solution for dry spots. Wet down localised dry spots by injecting water, wetting agents and other liquids. The Turfjector features 4 stainless steel injector tines that can penetrate the hardest turf up to 2"” (5cm) deep. It includes a ball valve to control water flow and connect to a 3/4”" (19mm) hose.
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