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PickCup – Ball Retrieval System
The PickCup is one of, if not the most stylish and innovative ball retrieval systems on the market. It's development has been inspired by the recent rule change which permits players to leave the flagpin in the hole cup whilst putting. The PickCup is a disc/saucer that attaches to the bottom of the flagpin to catch the ball when it falls into the hole. Therefore, golfers can simply lift the flagpin out of the hole to retrieve their golf balls.
Protects the edges of golf holes
As well as saving the golfers from having to bend down to collect the ball this also helps to protect the edge of the golf hole as golfers do not need to force their hand between the hole edge and the flagpin to retrieve their ball.
Facilitate safer golf play in light of COVID-19
A likely precaution to reduce the risk of spreading diseases will be for golf clubs to encourage golfers to minimise the contact they have with the equipment on the golf courses such as flagpins. Thanks to the adjustable adapter the greenkeepers can easily position the PickCup at any point on the flagpin (even on tapered/tournament flagpins). Therefore, it can create a hole that is only an inch or two deep and will allow the golfers to retrieve golf balls without touching any of the course equipment.
Promote your golf club or company
There is also a promo version which allows you to feature your club logo within a resin bubble on the PickCup. This is a great way to promote and personalise the equipment and accessories on your golf course. See the PickCup in action in the below video: [kad_youtube url="" ]  
Main Features:
  • The removable flagstick adapter is flexible to attach to any size flagstick.
  • The adaptor securely holds the cup position.
  • Drainage channels that help to reduce water and debris.
  • A rubber trim around the edge of the cup which prevents damage to the lip when removed from the hole. It also prevents damage to the green when the flagpin is removed and laid on the green.
  • Unlike many competing products the PickCup conforms to the specific details of the R&A and USGA guidelines, meaning that it can remain in place during competitions too.
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