Online Price! Chelwood 16P Rake
16P Rake
This 16P rake is a replica of the original wooden hay rake, lighter in weight yet strong and flexible. Can be used on soil, gravel, grass and leaves. Comes with a back edge for accurate levelling and grading which is particularly useful when preparing to lay new turf. The head is 65cm wide with 3cm gaps between the teeth. We also offer a Short Tooth Version of this rake (16P Short Tooth).
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Online Price! Bulldog Wooden Hay Rake
Premier Wooden Hay Rake
The Bulldog Premier Wooden Hay Rake is made entirely from hardwood making it light and easy to handle. It has large spaced teeth making it ideal for gathering hay, leaves or other such materials. This rake is perfect for raking up straw and grass cuttings, leveling surfaces and smoothing over sand bunkers on the golf course Bulldog Product Features.
  • 16 Tooth wooden head
  • 70" Long straight handle
  • Head width 27" (685mm)
  • Made with American & German FSC Ash
  • Made In Britain
  • Handle length 70" (1575mm)
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