Online Price! Soil Profile Sampler
Soil Profile Sampler
This Soil Profile Sampler produces a large flat (200mm x 100mm) sample of soil. It is robust enough for almost all turf areas and the blades of this soil sampler are case hardened and zinc plated. Another great feature is that the plug can be replaced with little surface disturbance to the sampled area. It also features a removable handle to aid in the inspection of samples.  
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Online Price! Soil Sampler
Soil Sampler 1″ (25mm) Heavy Duty
This robust steel soil sampler has a replaceable hardened steel cutter open sided 300mm barrel, 300mm extension bar and tee handle. It is designed for use wherever a deep sample is required often under difficult conditions. The design of the hardened steel blade gives an overcut so that the barrel can penetrate hard ground. It also comes with a storage pouch.  
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