Online Price! ST2000 Hybrid Holecup
Standard Golf Hybrid ST2000 US Hole Cup
The Standard Golf ST2000 Hole Cup is one of the most popular holecups that we sell. It's design allows for soil to pass down the sides and through the cup which keeps the sockets dirt free. As well as looking unpleasant this dirt can also cause flagsticks to stick in the cup. Our notched US Smart Fit Ferrule will lock into the ST2000 hole cup to prevent the flagpin from rotating in the cup. This rotation can cause ferrules to wear down which in turn can cause flagpins to visibly lean when in the hole. This is why we strongly recommend opting for a locking holecup / ferrule wherever possible. This hybrid version of the ST2000 holecup combines the best of our aluminium and plastic models. The aluminium base gives maximum strength whilst the plastic molded cup walls prevent chipping and provide a long-lasting finish. An aluminium bottom allows for the “traditional sound” of a golf ball hitting the bottom of the cup. Only a US ferrule will fit this hole cup. 3 other versions of this ever popular golf holecup are available:
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