Online Price! Perrot Rollcart-V
Perrot Rollcart-V
The Rollcart-V is Perrot's popular travelling sprinkler with Full and Part circle operation. Simply connect the hose to the sprinkler and set your desired arc to water up to 120m in length. The cord re-winds and pulls the traveller along through a turbine driven pulley system. The sprinkler is capable of covering a radius of up to 18m and has an adjustable travel speed of 10 to 20mph. Furthermore, Perrot's ZE Impact Sprinkler ensures accurate distribution of the water. Other specifications:
  • minimum operating pressure is 3.5bar at the traveller
  • overall measurements 77 x 47 x 40 cm
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Online Price! Rega Rainking
Rega Rainking (Rainmobile)
The Rega Rainking or Rainmobile is the ideal sprinkler for watering playing fields and pitches. It is a professional sprinkler that can water a complete pitch in just 2 runs. The unit is also suitable for night operation which will help with water usage as less water will evaporate during the early hours. This Professional Traveller covers up to 38m width and with a 135m cable will cover up to 175m in length. The unit will connect to a 1" hose pipe. Working speed: 9.0 - 25 m/hr Sprinkler Output: 4.3m3/h at 4 Bar Diam of Coverage: 16-40M
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