Online Price! HTV Logo Golf Flags
HTV Logo Golf Flags
Our HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl ) Flags are personalised golf flags which can feature your club logo or other information required for special occasions, golf days or sponsorship. HTV Flags involve first recreating your logo/image on to cut vinyl and using heat to bond this to the fabric of the flags. The logo itself, can either be a simple one or two colour design which will be cut out from the vinyl or it can be a full colour design which will first be digitally printed before being cut. These flags are available as Tie On, Velcro or Tubelock and will be printed on to Red, White, Yellow or Blue Flags. You can also choose to have your logo/design on just one or both sides of the flags.
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Online Price! TJ Regulation Flagpins (Tubelock Fit)
TJ Regulation Flagpins (Tubelock Fit)
Standard Flagpins for Tubelock Flags: Our Standard/Regulation Flagpins are made from 1/2" (1.3cm) fibreglass and are avialable in 2m, 2.5m or 3m heights. The striping is completed with a PVC sleeve shrunk to fit the pin and fitted with either a plastic/metal. Other colour combinations available.
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