Online Price! Accuform Accufix Pitch Repairer Tool
Accuform Accufix Pitch Repairer Tool
This affordable, light, easy-handling tool is designed to effectively repair ball marks in one motion. The rounded handle and rubber grip are comfortable to use with one hand. Simply push down over the ball mark and the spring-loaded head with stainless steel teeth will lift the turf back into a perfect playing surface.
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Online Price! Turf Doctor Turf Repairer
Turf Doctor Square Cut Turf Repairer 9″ (23cm)
The Turf Doctor is a turf repair tool that cuts inverted pyramid shaped sods. These are used for patching and repairing locally damaged areas areas of turf. The repaired areas can be played on straight away allowing for immediate repairs to take place. This turf repairer cuts sods with slopping sides which are pressed tightly together resulting in minimal root damage and quick recovery. The Turf Doctor cuts precise squares ensuring that there is a perfect fit. There will not be any gaps and a true surface level is maintained. This tool cuts 9" (23cm) square to a depth of 4.75" (12cm).
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