Online Price! Underhill PelletPro Wetting Agent Applicator
Underhill PelletPro Applicator
UNDERHILL PELLETPRO APPLICATOR APPLICATOR GUN FOR SOLID WETTING AGENT TABLETS The PelletPro Applicator from Underhill is a heavy-duty surfactant applicator ideal for solid wetting agent tablets. It's high-flow valve and Precision™ Cloudburst™ nozzle combo comprises the finest wetting agent gun available. PelletPro™ accepts all wetting agent tablets and provides a high volume, yet soft spray for watering or applying surfactants to tight, hydrophobic soils.” •With a flow rate of over 35gpm you'll be sure to get the job done faster! It's Ultra Heavy-Duty construction features brass fittings, aircraft aluminium, stainless steel and precision engineered glass. The pellet rotation (1 RPS) evenly dissolves and applies tablets. INLINE OPTION We also offer an In-line Applicator Option which allows you to directly connect the PelletPro to a water source such as a quick coupler or  hose tap. By doing this you can get the the benefits of PelletPro with less handheld weight. PelletPro’'s bowl works great as an in-line filter replacement for most spray rigs. The heavy-duty, transparent bowl shows fluid levels and won'’t crack during winter storage. Options PelletPro Gun, with 19 mm FHT inlet - MHT Outlet PelletPro Wetting Agent Applicator Gun
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Online Price! Underhill Precision Hose Nozzles
Underhill Precision Nozzles
UNDERHILL PRECISION NOZZLE - SOLID METAL, SPECIFIC TASK HOSE NOZZLES Underhill® Precision™ nozzles deliver millions of soft, uniform droplets to provide a rapid yet surprisingly gentle water application over a huge range of flow rates. From soft watering to powerful drenching, these patented Precision nozzles give the ideal flow rates and droplet sizes to fully irrigate without disturbing turf, dirt or seeds. Therefore, there is a nozzle to provide the precise solution for every hand watering application.
  • Rainbow™ TASKS: Greens, tees, seed beds, transplants, delicate landscaping 57 ltr / min (15 GPM). (Yellow)
  • Cloudburst™ TASKS: Dry spots, drenching, and wetting agent application >132 ltr / min (35+ GPM). (Blue)
  • Cyclone™ TASKS: Pre-game skins watering, heavy watering of large areas, ideal for hydroseeding >189 L/min (50+ GPM). (Red)
Finally, please note that L/min (GPM) will vary with pressure at nozzle.
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