Stirchley Square Patterned Bootwiper, Scrusher and Portable Spike Brush Stand. Replacement brushes are available.

Online Price! Par Aide Single Pipe Mount Spike Brush
Par Aide Single Pipe Mount Spike Brush
Mounts to any 60mm Diameter Post and a nice addition to any of our console systems shown on page 7 Why not have 2 mounted on the same post!
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Online Price! Portable Spike Brush Stand
Portable Spike Brush Stand
The Portable Spike Brush Stand offers the stability and cleaning effectiveness of a fixed position brush stand, and yet you can move it to wherever its needed on any surface. Features traditional or alternative base brushes and side brushes to thoroughly clean shoes. Holds steady on hard surfaces with integral rubber pads, spikes available to secure to turf. Includes one set of message decals.
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Online Price! Boot Cleaner
Standard Golf Scrusher
The Standard Golf Scrusher is a discrete shoe / boot cleaner. It features three separate brushes of stiff nylon bristle which help to thoroughly clean around spikes. The side brushes have softer bristles that won’t scratch shoes. There are also spaces between the three lower brushes which allow grass and dirt to fall through to keep from clogging. All of the brushes are replaceable.
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Online Price! Stirchly Square Pattern Boot Wiper
T J Golf Stirchley Square Pattern Bootwiper
New improved bolt down version. Popular Square Pattern design now comes with or without Scrapers. Green polyester powder coating over heavy duty steel for extra durability.
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