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Rakes, rakes, rakes, so many to choose between, curved head, straight head, wooden handle, aluminium handle, fibreglass handle, long tooth, short tooth or even no tooth!

The Chief TJ Golf’s newest rake is The Chief Rake for the “Aussie Style” of bunker maintenance. Manufactured by Standard Golf in the States, it is now available through TJ Golf as we are their UK distributor. This tine-less or “toothless” rake has two sides, a smooth side to help pack down the vertical sides of the bunker, and a side with ridges to create a perfect playing surface. The Chief is a great rake and ideal to use in all lined bunkers. It comes with a 20”(51cm) head and a choice of green Gator Grip handle in a 60”(150cm) or 72”(180cm) length or an aluminium handle in a 54”(137cm) length.

SG Economy Rake/Pattisson Screw Fit RakeIf it’s a long tooth rake which suits the requirements of your bunkers our Standard Golf Economy Rake is very popular. It comes with a 15”(38cm) head constructed from high impact moulded plastic and either a screw on 48”(122cm) wooden handle in green or yellow, or a screw on 54”(137cm) Ultralight plastic coated steel handle also in green or yellow. Another long tooth rake we do is the Pattisson Screw-Fit Standard Rake which is still going strong after being on the market for around 25 years. This comes with a green reinforced nylon 23” (58cm) curved head and a 48”(120cm) green fibreglass handle.

SG Tourlite RakeThe Standard Golf Tourlite Rake definitely hits a price point when it comes to short tooth rakes. Light in weight and easy to use, smooths and rakes in one easy motion. Comes with a 15”(38cm) high density polyethylene moulded head and a 54”(137cm) ultralight plastic coated steel green or yellow handle. As a cheaper alternative we have the Pattisson Tour rake which is very similar in style but also comes with a gold handle.

SG Tour Pro RakeShort tooth rakes nowadays are increasingly more popular. The standard Golf Tour Pro Rake will smooth and level playing surfaces. Now made from a stronger and lighter material, with a 20” (51cm) or 25”(64cm) head ensures tracks are covered with minimum effort, while pioneering design generates tournament quality surfaces. When durability is a must, the exclusive Gator Grip handle is your best option, available in 60”(152cm) or 72”(183cm). A single self-tapping screw (included) is all you need for assembly.

PA Accuform RakeAnother example of a really popular short tooth rake is the Par Aide Accuform Ace II Rake used at tournaments around the world. These ever popular rakes are made of impact resistant, high density polyethylene. The extremely durable head is slightly tapered to reduce unsightly furrows left by rakes with straight ends. Available in a 17”(43cm) or 25”(64cm) head with a 54” (137cm) or 72”(183cm) handle. The 54”(137cm) handle comes in green fibreglass or green protect and the 72”(183cm) handle comes in green protect only which has a long lasting thermoplastic coating that dramatically reduces the chance of fibreglass splinters. As a more economical alternative to the Accuform we also do the Pattisson Pro Rake. The head is more rounded at the edges rather than tapered like the Accuform and with a near identical tooth profile.

TJ Debris RakeThe original Debris Rake is very versatile and won’t clog. It’s great for bunker maintenance for the greenkeeper and leaves a 1st class finish helping to keep your bunkers presented to a very high standard. 21”(51cm) wide gusseted head adds extra strength for demanding work. Mounts to 60”(152cm) padded fibreglass handle for maximum strength, reach and comfort.

Copied but never bettered!

All of the above products are available from TJ Golf or one of our authorized distributors.

For more of TJ Golf’s rakes and other course accessory products please visit our online shop or download our brochure.

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