Footgolf is a relatively new and now internationally recognised sport with it’s own International Federation. As the name suggests is a mixture of Golf and Football where a football is used instead of a golf ball and it is kicked instead of being struck with a golf club. In this section you’ll find everything you need setup a Footgolf course within you existing course or park.

Online Price! Footgolf Tee Marker
Footgolf Dimple Tee Marker
Dimple tee markers for your Footgolf course which feature a Footgolf logo. This particular tee marker is hugely popular on regular golf tee areas and are also very economical. The high impact polymer makes these tee markers durable and the and moulded in spike allows for easy installation. The measure 5"”(12.7cm) in diameter and the decal has a 3”"(7.6cm) diameter. See more on our Footgolf Range here.
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Online Price! Footgolf sign
Footgolf Directional Sign (Arrow and Number)
Clear signage for your Footgolf course which will direct players along the route.These signs display arrows and numbers to indicate the direction of each hole. They have a spike which makes it easy to install and remove these signs. Size 30cm x 20cm. Please specify the numbers you require when ordering.
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FootGolf Package Deal
FootGolf Package Deal
Package deal consists of 9 Pattisson FootGolf Cups,9 Pattisson FootGolf Cup Covers,9 Vinyl Guard Flagpins,9 FootGolf Logo Flags
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Online Price! Footgolf Flagpin
Footgolf TJ Vinyl Guard Flagpin (US Fit)
Our TJ Vinyl Guard flagpins are perfectly suitable for your Footgolf course. They are constructed from solid fibreglass which in turn gives extra strength and resiliency. The diameter from top to bottom is ½”" (1.3cm) and they measure 7.5ft (2.3m) tall. The standard footgolf flagpin has black and white stripes but we also offer different colours which you can view here. They have a US ferrule and Tubelock flag system. Finally, follow this link to see more of our Footgolf Range.
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Online Price! Footgolf Hole Cup
FootGolf Cup & Cover
This AFGL Certified FootGolf Hole Cup is a lightweight and durable plastic single mold construction. It comes with a cover that fits securely on the cup to prevent debris build up inside. The cover has an artificial grass covering making it more discrete. Covering holes in this way can also help keep your course safe by potential slip or fall hazards. Another useful feature of this cup is the molded in ferrule socket means that any flagpin with an existing US ferrule can be used with these cups. Size: Fits US Ferrule, 21"” (53.3cm) diameter, 10.5”" (26.7cm) deep.
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