All of our Flagpins are made from high quality fully pultruded fibreglass with a brilliant high gloss finish. Vinyl Guard striping of the pins is available in a variety of vibrant colours to ensure your flagins will look stunning on the course. We offer flags made of up to 400 denier nylon to create a tough wearing flag which come in the usual plain, chequered or numbered variety but can also be embroidered or printed with your course logo. There are a range of golf hole cups to suit your needs, these are made out of aluminium, plastic or a hybrid version made from both materials. Our holecups include some of the biggest names in the marker such as the Standard Golf ST2000 and come in locking or standard versions which can also be personalised using an insert to feature your logo inside the hole cup. Why not check out our package deals to get a complete set of flagpins, flags and holecups at a great price.