Hole In White – Hole Painter
Hole In White – Hole Painter
Hole in White is produced by a family-owned and operated company whose sole focus is improving the golfer's experience on the putting green - whether you're on the green or near it, HIW increases visibility. Currently used by the PGA, Champions and LPGA tours, HIW will never interfere with the putting surface, ball or golf cup. HIW's patented process, takes only seconds to apply and is harmless to the soil and the turf. It's ability to speed up play, reduce flagstick use and improve target visibility has rapidly become a necessity for top courses world wide. What was once reserved for special events and golf tournaments is now being demanded by the everyday golfers and courses. The Hole-In-White process, performed immediately following the golf cup being set, was designed to be efficient and easy to use. The patented formula is fast-drying and harmless to the turf and soil. Yielding over 80 holes per can, a single case of paint will last the everyday user up to 2 months. Just follow these 3 simple steps and you'll be on your way to a tournament- quality course. How To Use 1) Set cup protector on inside lip of cup. 2) Position device over a freshly cut hole. 3) Slide HIW turf whitener into position over the device. 4) To activate spray nozzle, simply press down on can and turn in a uniform manner. Helpful Hints Shake can vigorously prior to use to ensure maximum product performance Adjust spray height inside cup by adjusting screw in bottom of device For best results, it's best to rotate can 2 times around quickly, in order to reduce drip and maximize coverage Upon completion, turn can upright and activate spray nozzle until paint is cleared How to Care For maximum performance, maintain clean applicator by soaking in mineral spirits as necessary to eliminate paint build up New Technology In order to prevent dripping, we have created a golf cup protector to be used in conjunction with your applicator. Each can contains 350ml and you will need to also purchase an applicator if you do not already have one.
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Online Price! Rubber Drag Mat 1.5m x 1m
Rubber Drag Mat 1.5m x 1m
Our new rubber drag mat is made from moulded rubber and features aluminium fittings with a heavy duty galvanised chain. This tool is ideal for spreading and levelling top dressing and sand surfaces. This mat can be pulled by hand towing bar or can be attached the a utility vehicle for larger areas. It is ideal for use on most surfaces - natural or artificial. Thanks to the rubber matting it can also be used on more delicate areas such as putting greens where heavier materials may cause damage. This item measures 1.5m x 1m and has a rubber grip for user comfort.
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Online Price! Underhill Gulp Syringe Ultra
Underhill Gulp Syringe Ultra
340gr/stroke,30,48cm pump chamber,30cm outlet hose.
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Online Price! Gulp Ultramax Plus
Underhill Gulp Ultramax Plus
The Underhill Gulp Ultramax Plus water removal suction pump gives you portability plus high capacity. Whether you need to remove water from sprinklers and valve boxes or other water soaked areas, UltraMax series pumps are the ideal tools for the job. They feature high quality materials with great attention to detail. Replacement part kits are available and the can be completely disassembled making them highly maintainable. This is a self priming pump which helps to create a smooth and durable pumping action. It's super-grip ergonomic pump handle and high capacity chamber help to make short work of cleaning up water. Specifications:
  • 510gr/stroke
  • 35,56cm pump chamber
  • 45cm outlet hose.
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Online Price! Underhill TurboTrim
Underhill TurboTrim Ratcheting Tool
Underhill's TurboTrim Ratcheting Tool makes easy work of golf sprinkler head trimming. This unique tool designed and engineered to help you do the job like you never could before. Super heavy duty steel construction and powder coated finish. The only trimmer with a forward and reverse drive ratchet mechanism. Clean steady cut, saves time and energy, pro ratchet system,easy to use and more accurate trim.
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Online Price! 36" Levelawn
Heavy Duty Levelawn 36″ (91cm)
This heavy duty levelawn is a heavier version of our 30”" Levelawn which also has an open section of steel tube. The original and industry standard Greenkeeper Levelawn is ideal for spreading screened topsoil. With this tool you can achieve an even distribution of top dressing materials. The 3 inner bars are open at the top to catch any small stones, with the front and rear being angled to remove excess material. Click here to view our lighter 30" version of the Levelawn Key features:
  • Distributes application materials.
  • Removes stones from soil, breaks up small clods of sand or loam.
  • Smooths soil for easy planting.
  • Width 36" (91cm)
  • Handle length 72" (183cm)
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Online Price! 3m Ballscoop Complete
3m Ballscoop Complete
Green plastic coated scoop head fitted on to a 3m long fibreglass handle.
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Online Price! Hole cup plugs
Aerifying Cup Hole Plugs
These Aerifying Cup Hole Plugs protect the integrity of the hole when the hole cup has been removed. Typically this will be when the greens are aerated or when topdressing greens. The plugs not only maintain the shape of the hole but also prevent sand or other debris from falling into the hole. Aeration tines are able to penetrate the plug without pulling it out of the hole. Can be reused up to 2-3 times and left in holes during winter months. Sold in sets of 9 and made from durable, lightweight, weather resistant foam material.
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Online Price! Aquatic Weed Eradicator
Aquatic Weed Eradicator
The Aquatic Weed Eradicator, the “AWE”, is the most effective bottom-cutting weed removal tool available on the market. No need for dangerous and expensive chemicals; this tool removes weeds at their source. With a reinforced 28” serrated cutting blade, you don’t have to worry about the blades bending under a heavy load of weeds.
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Online Price! Big ‘T’ Telescopic Switch
Big ‘T’ Telescopic Switch
Manufactured from anodised aluminium with new CNC machined stainless steel end ferrule to avoid unnecessary wear to the switch tip. 2m (6.5ft) aluminium handle with a new longer 2.3m (7ft) replaceable fibreglass switch cane with heat shrink sleeving for extra durability and integral retaining ring. Overall length when fully extended 4.3m (13.5ft).
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Online Price! Cam Cup Lifter / Setter (US or UK)
Cam Cup Lifter / Setter (US or UK)
Remove or replace hole cups in seconds, with this handy back saving tool. Available for both UK size hole cups and USA size hole cups.
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Online Price! Chelwood Snow Shovel
Snow Shovel
The Snow Shovel features an aluminium 45cm x 45cm head with a stainless steel leading edge. Without any doubt this is the best snow shovel available. The stainless steel leading edge improves the effectiveness of the front edge and prolongs the life of the snow shovel. This leaves safer surfaces, requiring less salt and reducing time and money in making safer walkways.
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