Hose Reel Trailer
Hose Reel Trailer
This hose reel cart has a trailer design allowing it to be easily mounted on and pulled along by your maintenance vehicles. The reel is capable of holding up to 100m of 1" hose. As it is compatible with most off road vehicles this reel is ideal for transporting hose around golf courses, parks, sports grounds and other areas for maintenance work such as application tasks.
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Online Price! Wetting Agent Pellets + Seaweed
Wetting Agent Pellets + Seaweed
A surfactant wetting agent pellet with added seaweed to support in improving water absorption and root repair. These are for use through hose end pellet applicators. Each pack contains 6 x 250g pellets and we are offering a free PelletPro Applicator when you purchase 4 boxes. Timing Apply at any time of the year, typically Spring and Summer use or when required. Application Place one pellet in the chamber of a hose end applicator. Screw chamber into position and turn on the water supply, the pellet will dissolve at a pressure of 60-90 psi. Pack Coverage 1 pellet will typically treat 1500m² at 10-20 minutes per green.
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Online Price! Galaxy Antitorsion Hose (50m)
Galaxy Antitorsion Hose (50m)
Galaxy Antitorsion Hose is manufactured using specially formulated materials and an exclusive braiding and knitting high tensile reinforcement process give it superior pressure, kink resistance and flexibility. The best hose on the market! 6 Layered Professional Quality Hose Excellent UV, Abrasion and Crush Resistance Smooth Inner Layer Minimizes Pressure and Flow Losses Up To 45 Bar Burst Pressure 12 Bar Working Pressure 2 Reinforcement Layers – Knitted & Braided Available in 50m lengths and widths of 1" (25mm), 3/4" (19mm) or 1/2" (12.5mm)
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Geka Gardening Lance
Geka Gardening Lance
Geka Gardening Lance comes complete with adjustable valve, compatible with quick connectors. Length 60cm and output 34 litres a minute at bar 3. Great for watering hanging flower baskets and hard to reach places.
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Metal 6 Function Spray Gun with Rubber Grip
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Nelson Rain Train Travelling Sprinkler
Nelson Rain Train Travelling Sprinkler
Follows along the path of the hose propelling itself along the ground following the pattern laid by the hose. A shut off ramp is provided to automatically shut off the sprinkler. Diameter of coverage between 5 - 14m, adjustable by twisting the arms. To be used with ½”" (12.5mm) or ¾”" (19mm) hose.
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Plastic Soft Rain Lance
Plastic Soft Rain Lance
Plastic “Soft Rain” Lance 19mm aluminium lance– 60cm long, outlet threaded male ¾"”. Comes complete with plastic valve and rose giving an output of 47 litres a minute at 6 bar. Great for watering hanging flower baskets and hard to reach places.
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Portable Mounted Reel
Portable Mounted Reel
Portable Hose Reel made from galvanised steel frame and plastic reel. Capacity 50M of ½"” hose.
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Online Price! LiquidPro Applicator
Underhill LiquidPro Applicator
LIQUIDPRO APPLICATOR APPLICATOR GUN FOR LIQUID WETTING AGENT The LiquidPro is a chemical-resistant, UV-protected, lightweight siphon mixing system that can cover 1000 square feet in less than a minute! With unmatched speed and uniformity, you can virtually “paint” your turf with liquid wetting agent, fertilizers, and micronutrients. The adjustable metering dial offers 10 additive settings including “Water Only.” Options: LiquidPro Gun, with 25mm (1"”) FHT x 19 mm (¾”") MHT adaptor LiquidPro Gun, with 19 mm (¾”") Quick connect adaptor 6 pack of 32 oz. Polybottles and Carrier
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Underhill Nozzle, Multimax
Underhill Multimax 10cm Adjustable Nozzle
MULTIMAX ADJUSTABLE NOZZLE This Multimax Adjustable Irrigation Nozzle from Underhill measures 10cm (4"”) in length. The low flow design ensures the most efficient use if water. It features a high pressure, easy twist variable pattern nozzle which allows you switch from mist to power jet spray. The no leak design operates offers 19 L/min at 5,5 bar (5 GPM at 80 PSI). Other features •include:
  • Solid Machined Brass Construction
  • Constant Flow Smooth Operation
  • Simple Reliable Long Life
  • 5 GPM at 80 PSI
  • Variable flow pattern, smooth operation: Jet, Soak, Fan
  • 3/4" FHT Inlet
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Online Price! Underhill PelletPro Wetting Agent Applicator
Underhill PelletPro Applicator
UNDERHILL PELLETPRO APPLICATOR APPLICATOR GUN FOR SOLID WETTING AGENT TABLETS The PelletPro Applicator from Underhill is a heavy-duty surfactant applicator ideal for solid wetting agent tablets. It's high-flow valve and Precision™ Cloudburst™ nozzle combo comprises the finest wetting agent gun available. PelletPro™ accepts all wetting agent tablets and provides a high volume, yet soft spray for watering or applying surfactants to tight, hydrophobic soils.” •With a flow rate of over 35gpm you'll be sure to get the job done faster! It's Ultra Heavy-Duty construction features brass fittings, aircraft aluminium, stainless steel and precision engineered glass. The pellet rotation (1 RPS) evenly dissolves and applies tablets. INLINE OPTION We also offer an In-line Applicator Option which allows you to directly connect the PelletPro to a water source such as a quick coupler or  hose tap. By doing this you can get the the benefits of PelletPro with less handheld weight. PelletPro’'s bowl works great as an in-line filter replacement for most spray rigs. The heavy-duty, transparent bowl shows fluid levels and won'’t crack during winter storage. Options PelletPro Gun, with 19 mm FHT inlet - MHT Outlet PelletPro Wetting Agent Applicator Gun
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Online Price! Underhill Sweeper Nozzles
Underhill Powerblast Brass Sweeper Nozzle
PowerBlast™ Solid Brass Nozzle Series These nozzles are the ideal accessory for washing down equipment and driveway & walkway cleaning. The low flow design offers minimal water usage yet still manages to deliver a high power jet output. These heavy duty solid machined brass nozzles are built to perform and last. Features:
  • Attachment - 19 mm (¾"”)
  • 26 L/min at 5,5 bar (7 GPM at 80 PSI)
  • •Available in 2 sizes - 5cm (2"”) and 15cm (6"”)
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