RoundUp ProActive
RoundUp ProActive
Roundup ProActive is perhaps one of the most widely used and effective weed killiers available. It contains a patented potassium salt formulation containing 360gai/l glyphosate and a unique blend of two surfactants. Roundup ProActive incorporates a high technical specification and the formulation has been designed to address stewardship aspects, so vital now for glyphosate application. Roundup ProActive is a herbicide which is sprayed on to green leaves where it is absorbed and drawn into the plants vascular system. It then stops the production of the amino acids which build the protein the plant needs to grow and survive. The plant effectively starves to death. Run-off is minimised by the rapid uptake which also enables the maximum use of weather windows, even in the more challenging situations. Greater protection of operators and bystanders is afforded by the low drift properties of Roundup ProActive. Safe for transport, handling and storage due to its non-hazardous status as defined by COSHH. Can be used in areas open to the public and near water as its action blocks enzymes that are not found in humans, animals, birds or fish
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Online Price! Weed Wand
Weed Wand
4cm diameter applicator tips precisely control chemical flow and eliminate overspray. Lightweight 94cm wand.
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