Online Price! TJ Golf Elite Ballwasher
TJ Golf Elite Ballwasher
TJ Golf’s first own branded golf ballwasher is now available. This durable cast aluminium ball washer has a green or black powder coated finish. It uses a spiral cleaning action which is often regarded as the most effective style of golf ball washer. The small recess at the front creates an ideal space for you to display your golf course logo in. We can present your logo on a domed resin bubble. Posts and stands are available which allow you to mount this ball washer or combine it with existing furniture such as bins.
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Online Price! Bin and Ballwasher Console
Pattisson Teak Series Ballwasher Post Attachments (Set of 2)
Use these attachments to create your Ballwasher and Teak Bin Console. By attaching these to the bin you create a fitting in which you can place your pipe mounted ballwasher. This a great way to install your ballwashers around the course and look fantastic with the high quality teak bins. Sold as a set of two. Mounting Pipe / Console Post also available here. Or click here to see more from our Teak Range which includes benches, bins and marking posts. This range of teak wood products adheres to international regulations. These regulations require the replacement of trees in order to support the sustainability of forest areas.
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