Summer 2020

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2020 has been a very difficult year and although things are getting a little easier, we still have many challenges ahead. Many companies are having to adapt their businesses to suit the current climate wherever possible. TJ Golf is committed to providing a great service to our loyal customers, who are mainly within the golf industry, either directly or via our dedicated distributors

Since the lockdown and restrictions to accessing shops have been in force, we have found our website to be a favourable option especially for the home market. More people are spending a lot more time at home and in their gardens. So with that in mind TJ Golf has extended it’s catalogue to include some new products. These are aimed at the keen gardener, professional landscaper and home golfer. These new sections have now been added to our webshop alongside our existing product range.

Landscape Gardening

The first section is Landscape Gardening which features quality products for the Landscaper, Sportsgrounds and the keen gardener. Branded names such as Bulldog, Chelwood, Underhill, Hunter and Tricoflex to name but a few are on offer here. As well as many of the usual gardening and landscaping tools you’d expect to find we also have some specialised items. These include items such as Levelawns, Landscape Rakes, Turf Doctors, Debris Rakes, Snow Shovels and Seed Slotters. We have a selection of Irrigation products such as Hoses and Fittings, Nozzles and Applicators, Travelling and Static Sprinkler Systems, Wetting Agents, Aquatic Weed Eradicators and Dual Purpose Lake Rakes. On the amenity side we can offer Grass Seed, Fertilisers, Spreaders and Wildflower Seeds. Alongside these products we have Litter Bins, Benches, Bootwipers, Rope Stakes, Rope and Signage.

Home & Personal Golf

The second section is Home and Personal Golf. This comprises a variety of high quality golf products as used by golf courses and driving ranges. We have selected products that are also suitable for the golf enthusiast to enjoy in their garden area or home.

You’ll find all of the items that you need to create your very own putting or chipping areas. These include putting cups, practice green markers, tee markers, range mats and chipping nets. We also sell rubber tees (handy tees to pop in your golf bag) and even personal bunker rakes.

For the indoors we are featuring two great products from Explanar. First, is the Explanar Swing Trainer, a teaching aid used by the world’s top golf professionals and coaches. Then we have the Explanar Putting Mat which helps to improve aim and alignment as well as develop feel and distance control. This will make a great gift for the golfer.

There will be something for you whether you’re looking for something to help you improve your game or something to keep the whole family entertained.


The third new section is our Clearance section. We have been busy sorting out our warehouse and have selected some redundant/discontinued stock to sell at special discounted prices. The items being offered include a variety of golf course accessories ranging from Tee Markers, Flagpins, Holecups, Rope Stakes and Litter Bins to name but a few. These products are being sold off at a fraction of the price to make space for new products. So why not grab yourself a bargain but once it’s gone it’s gone. We will be updating and adding new products on a regular basis so keep a look out.

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