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Although most products we supply here at TJ Golf are for Golf Courses, some of our products are suitable for sports grounds, parks and even home use. Here are some of our best sellers!

Technowood Spey Bin

Technowood Combo Recycling Bin

Standard Golf Vertical Mount Bracket for Litter Caddie

Bournville Litter Bin Mottled Green

Square Slatted Bin

30 Gallon Litter Caddie

20 Gallon Litter Caddie

Pattisson Teak Series Square Litter Bin

Litter Mate

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Litter BinsTJ Golf have a good selection of bins to suit all tastes, price points and practicalities. Starting with our most economical, we have the Litter Caddie which has a steel mesh body, welded carbon steel rims and bottom and powder-coated finish. The tapered shape keeps litter secure and mesh design increases air circulation. Comes with a spike or base. We have two types of plastic bins, firstly the Litter Mate, solid, durable polyethylene construction. Comes complete with a lid with litter opening, hoop frame, post mount bracket assembly or with the wall mount option. These are suitable for fixing to a post and are our best seller. We also do the Bournville Litter Bin made from an extremely durable, all weather resistant plastic with a convenient swing lid. For a more traditional or classic look the Square Wooden Slatted Bin does the job. The frame and liner are zinc plated prior to a heavy polyester green powder coating being applied. Wooden slats are weather sealed for protection against the elements. For something a bit classier and environmentally friendly we have the Pattisson Teak Series Square Litter Bin. Made of top-quality teak wood they are harvested along the international regulations regarding conserving the forest by replacing trees. Hand made to get that original, traditional look and long lasting. A hinged lid that permits easy removal of the 35-litre trash can is included. Oil can be used for extra protection. New from TJ Golf are the top of the range Technowood Bins, these are premium quality recycled plastic with a revolutionary gloss surface coating. Combining quality craftmanship with technological innovation. Whether it be bins for your Golf Course, Sports Ground, Parks, Pub Garden or even your own back garden we have something for everyone.

BootwipersOur Stirchley Square Pattern Bootwiper is timeless. This Boot Cleaner has been around for years and lasts for years. The popular square pattern design comes with or without scrapers and can be bolted down. It is made from heavy duty steel and has a green polyester powder coating for extra durability. Comes with a set of 4 brushes and when they wear out just replace them with our set of 4 replacement brushes. As an all rounder this is the best bootwiper on the market and is supplied for commercial or domestic use. Around the Clubhouse, Parks, Sports Grounds, Hotels, B&B’s, Construction Sites or at your own front or back door. Anywhere there’s muddy boots our bootwiper will help keep the mud out.

Stirchly Square Pattern Boot Wiper
T J Golf Stirchley Square Pattern Bootwiper

Hazard Markers & Rope Stakes – Hazard Markers are used to mark out any warning area’s and Rope Stakes are used to cordon off areas. Again, they are versatile and can be used in any space to act as a warning to the public or any area which needs to be fenced off.

Hazard Markers – TJ Golf’s best sellers are our Eco Line Square Recycled Hazard Markers, they are made from superior recycled plastic, UV stable and virtually unbreakable so last for years. Maintenance free with a top-quality finish with radiused sides and top and they float. Our spiked Hazard Markers are the most popular, but we do also supply a remove-able version which will need a ground socket. If you want to create a more traditional look, we do the Pattisson Teak Hazard Marker Posts. Made from Teakwood with stainless steel spike these extremely robust hazard markers are part of the Pattissons Teak Range. They are banded red, yellow, white or blue depending on your preference. We also do a PVC Round Hazard Marker which will double up as a Yardage Marker when a sticker is applied.

Recycled Square Striped Distance Markers
32″ Recycled Square Removable Hazard Markers
Pattisson Teak Hazard Marker Post Spiked

Force Flex Hazard Markers

Rope Stakes & RopeOur best Rope Stakes must be our Eco Line made from the same material as our Eco Line Hazard Markers. They are made from superior recycled plastic, UV stable and virtually unbreakable so last for years. Maintenance free with a top-quality finish with radiused sides and top, speed slots, zinc plated spike and they float. Or to match in with the Pattisson Teak Range we do the Pattisson Teak Speed Slot Rope Stakes made from top quality teak wood with stainless steel spike. Our 6mm Polypropylene Braided Rope which goes with the rope stakes comes in 304m reels.

Eco Line Recycled Green Square Rope Stakes with Spike
Pattisson Teak Chain Rope Stakes with Spike & Hook
Pattisson Teak Series Speed Slot Rope Stakes Spiked

Rope 1000ft

Benches – For many years’ benches have been used as a lovely way to pay tribute to a loved one or members of a club who have passed away. They are also used in numerous places to sit and take in views, have a rest or simply while away the day.  We do 2 types, our Iroko Warwick Bench is a bespoke bench, they are handmade and built to order. A classically styled bench made in Iroko wood with design touches. They come fully built so there is no assembling required, they come in 5’ or 6’.  For a slightly more economical bench we have the Pattisson Teak Walmer Bench. Traditional design and classical look made from top quality teak wood. They are harvested along the International regulations regarding conserving the forest by replacing trees as all the Pattisson Teak Range. They are handmade to get that original traditional look, maintenance free and long lasting. They are flat packed and come in 6’.

Warwick Bench

Pattisson Teak Series Walmer Bench

TJ Golf Aluminium Signs
Teak Twin Post Sign with Di Bond Plate
Golf Course Park Signage
Laminated Infilled Metallic Signs
Golf Course Park Signage
Rectangular & Arrowed Laminated Signs

Signage – Signs are an important part of our everyday life, whether it be an instruction, a warning, a polite notice or pointing us in the right direction, signs are everywhere. TJ Golf tends to focus more on the smaller everyday signs which are just as important as the larger one-off signs. Our most popular signs are the TJ Golf Aluminium Signs, these are laser cut from premium quality 4mm thick aluminium with integrated spike so will not rust. They are then powder coated British Racing Green. They are stuck with a vinyl sticker, colour and text of your choice. Our Teak Sign with Di Bond Plate will add a traditional look, these are another product which are part of our Pattisson Teak Range. Made from top quality teak with a di bond plaque with the colour and text of your choice. We also do Eco Line Engraved Laminated Plastic Signs; these are made from solid two-tone sign board. They are a one-piece construction that will not rust or need repainting and will withstand the chemicals used in some environments. These quality signs are made from ½” thick material for a sturdier sign and finer look. All signs can be single or double sided with text and colour of your choice. So, whether you want to instruct your customers or members not to- “No Chipping”, “Keep of the Grass”, “No Entry” Or having a warning in place eg “Caution Steep Slope”, “Steps Slippery When Wet”, “Danger Keep Out” or just to point people in the right direction “Trolleys This Way”, “Next Tee This Way”, “Ice Cream This Way”

Check out our online shop for more details on all of the above mentioned products where you can also find a great range of competitively priced Workwear and essential Tools for Groundsmen and Greenkeepers.

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